Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Promoting communism one idiot at a time, via RedStar Worldwear?

In reading my Backpacker magazine, I came accross a "gift card" for 500 dollars worth of "free" stuff.

I looked at the merchandise, because who can pass up all that free stuff right?

However, in looking at the styles of sunglasses, I found them all disturbing for some reason that I couldn't put my finger on...

After some thought, I figured out it was the bold red  star symbol on each and every pair of sunglasses.

You see kids, nothing symbolism communism in today's era better than a big, bold red star.

Don't believe me?  Look at the flags of China, North Korea, and Vietnam...

I thought, what is this, a method of propaganda to spread communism by giving away free merchandise with the communist red star emblazoned upon it?

"We'll just put the communist symbol out there, and make it a fashion statement, and all the idiots will gobble it up!" They will get used to seeing the Red Star, and subliminally, they will become accustomed to, and comfortable with wearing the symbol of communism of the 21st century....

I mean why not, right?  We already support all those countries by instead of making things ourselves, we pump lots of money into communist regimes by buying their cheap crap....

So let's all just forget about all the human rights violations that are known to take place in China, and very strongly suspected in North Korea.....

Let's forget about all the pollution that China puts into the air.  So much so, that they had to shut down industry for 2 weeks before the Olympics to make the air worthy to breath, and seemed to fail at that.

So go ahead and get your free crap that says hey "I'm an idiot that thinks communism is harmless!"

F-you! Communism, and screw you, "Red Star Worldwear"!

...and yes, I am totally serious!  It is weird!

The real problem is that the people that are going to snatch this up, are the young teens, and young adults that didn't grow up during the cold war era, and really don't know what communism means.

They may be even too dim to realize that the flags of the countries named above have the red star as the unifying symbol of Asian communism...

The idiots wearing this stuff may in fact have no idea of what the communist flag of China,  and North Korea even look like...

 Whether your suppressing free speech or free thought by controlling which internet pages your countrymen can see,  invading Tibet to bring that population into line with what is good for the "people", or launching mortar shells across the border to your neighbors for invading your NEW BORDERS, you will look great in these fashionable sunglasses, made by sweat shop workers in some of your favorite suppressive destinations!    Wear these, and you will FINALLY get the respect, and fear you so desire!!


  1. You can't blame communists for wanting to jump on the logo bandwagon. Capitalism has been doing it for years, McDonalds and Coca Cola are bloody everywhere like a virus.

  2. Tony, I don't blame communism for trying to promote themselves, I blame stupid people for not understanding it. Besides, The Golden Arches, and words Coca cola aren't stitched into the American flag. You may see those as symbols of America in other countries, but we don't see it that way. Do the golden make you uneasy? Sorry to hear that. :)

  3. @Mark: The golden arches don't make me uneasy so much as I don't eat there. However I do see the erosion of my own culture through Americanisation. Kids are having proms now when they leave school, American fast food restaurants are taking city centres and Wal Mart is buying out our supermarket chains and strangling small businesses. I saw the European head of Coca Cola being interviewed the other day and she said that they were aiming to double their sales of Coke from 1.5 billion cans a day to 3 billion. What for, aren't they making enough money?
    I am certainly not against capitalism or Americans and find the Western system far preferable to Communism however at the moment capitalism is running unchecked.

  4. Tony, I see what you mean.

    I am not some one who thinks America is perfect. In fact, we have some MAJOR problems, like a lazy, greedy, and fat society of dim wits who can't seem to think a clear thought, or do anything for themselves.

    However, I hate communism. That is a model of government founded on not having people think, and providing things for people, while working them to death, without the joy of freedom.

    Your country is free, and is not communist. You should kick Walmart, and coke the hell out of your country... Walmart is one of the worst environmental offenders, and is probably the largest Chinese importer in the united sstates. Coca Cola sucks! It is a sugar, chemical, and caffeine syrup.

    Walmart is not the American way! It is now, but it is not how we started. This happened after people stopped being able to think.

    There are quite a few smart towns in the U.S. that stop Chinamart, I mean Walmart from moving in, and the tide is growing.

    However, the dullards will always want walmart.

    There isn't really much wrong with the Golden Arches, despite what people are trying to say.

    It is all choice, and it isn't like they are running the good restaurants out of business..

    If your people choose to shop at the super market rather than the walmart, walmarts can't hurt you. Of course greed, and laziness will always win the day. Why go to the grocery store, when Walmart is right there? People must be made to understand what Walmarts do to the local townships and economy. When you figure out how to stop them, let me know!

  5. Wow, I love your post!

    I have to say that there is definitely a lot wrong with McDonalds. They try to condition people from a young age into wanting to eat there; using toys, clowns and bright colours to entice them. The McDonaldisation of Society!

    That's definitely pretty similar to what the 'redstar Worldwear' company are trying to do. Both are using propaganda, it's actually pretty creepy.

  6. Sarah,

    I think you are being sarcastic about "loving my post", but it is good to have you comment anyway!

    I was "conditioned" from a young age into wanting to eat there, but after my teens, I hated Mcdonalds, and refused to eat there, all the way up until just recently, and I am in my late 30s.

    It seems the conditioning didn't take for me.

    My wife also ate at Mcdonalds, as a kid, and saw it as a treat, and yet, hardly ever eats there as an adult. The conditioning didn't work for her either.

    As a matter of fact, lots of people I work with love Mcdonalds, but hardly eat there.

    You have a choice to eat at McDonalds. Once communism takes hold, you have no choice. You do what the "people" say. These are undeniable facts.

    I believe in freedom, personal responsibility, and choice.

    I don't believe in people making choices for me. I am way smart enough to make my own, and people aren't smart enough to make them for me.

    Again, this was compared to Mcdonalds, but that isn't a fair comparison. Mcdonalds may be a sneaky business, but it is a business, and you and me, and everyone else has a choice.

    Even you aren't qualified to make my food choices for me Sarah. I will make my own, so I don't need regulation.

    HAVE YOU SEEN THE MOVIE FAT HEAD? It is very good, and funny. It is the flip side to SuperSize me, and the star witnesses are doctors instead of Lawyers.

    Thank you so much for your comment Sarah!

    Mark :)

  7. Noo, for once in my life I wasn't being sarcastic! I do find this post interesting.

    You do make a fair point, I don't eat at McDonald's very often either. The 'conditioning' only works effectively when you aren't aware of it. We're smart enough to realise what they are doing so it's pretty much counter productive. I'm not going to lie, my knowledge on this subject is limited so I was just giving an opinion. I'm going to try and find 'Fat Head' to watch,sounds great! :)