Monday, October 24, 2011

Goodbye to one of the sweetest, most gentle animals I have ever known

I had my boy Jacques for 1 months shy of 13 years.

He just died this morning at 6:51am, and I wanted to tell you a little about him, because he died in a way that was consistent with how he lived his life.  In the most gentle way imaginable, kindly sparring me the extreme anguish of having to put him to sleep.

I write this not for sympathy, but just to share how gentle my dog was, and how he gently spared me the suffering of having to put him to sleep. To share how kind, sensitive, and caring he was, and what an extraordinary soul he truly was.

I have had many dogs, and each and every one, we had to put to sleep, and I would have to be with them to help them to go.

Watching my beloved animals slowly take its last breath is one of the most painful experiences of my life.

I have never been more attached to a dog, than I was my big Doberman, which was the most gentle, sensitive, and affectionate animal I bet you would have ever met.

He was a leaner.  He would lean his head against you appreciatively, when getting him ready to go for a walk, or after giving him his food, when you came home.  Or just to say hi.

He would also tap you with his nose to say hi, just like someone tapping you on the shoulder to say "hey"

He was bonded to me and a way that I have never before seen, and I was bonded to him just as strongly.

After living almost 13 years in the most well mannered, gentle, yet dignified way, he died within 2 minutes on his 4" thick mat, in a very quiet gentle way, that spared me the extreme pain of having to make the decision to put him to sleep, and watch him take his last breaths.

He inspired fear, as he was a large, lean and muscular doberman, and probably a superior genetic specimen as Doberman's go because of his larger than normal size, and that he lived to 13.

No offense intended, and not to say a superior pet than yours(although certainly for me),  Just genetically superior for the breed. All Dobermans are awesome. Whether they live to be 5 or 16, or whatever.

In fact, all pets are unique, and incredible. Whether they be mutts, cats, whatever.

When we went for one of his two long walks a day, he would trot, most of the time with his head held high, even though for the last year or two, he had spinal issues, and nerve issues in his hind legs.

Everyone would ask me how old he was, and then say "wow! 13, really?"

He was a gentle being of nobility and dignity right up to the end when he died on his bed in a quiet, gentle, manor.

I will really miss him, but I am SO glad that that is the way he died, and I will mourn the loss of such a great, and unique friend.

I really could have never asked for a better friend.

Thank you, Jacques, and thank you for being so kind to me!

Jaques and Jill

Jacques and his old nemesis.. He also had a fondness for watching the squirrels

Jill hiding Jacques inseparable stuffed "porcupine" toy playing with him

He looks fierce, but he is just playing tough...
Him being his noble, old self...
Me and my boy spending some quality time together.
Me and my boy doing a photo shoot.  He hated getting his picture taken!  He was most un-photogenic..
The beginnings of a long,  rewarding and very deep friendship. Even as he got big he wouldn't be above trying to sit on my lap..

Goodbye my dear old friend.  You were truly one of a kind..
In memory of Jacques November 30th, 1998 to October 24th 2011
Mark :)

P.S I own the copyright of these pictures, and they are mine.  Please don't cheapen my dogs life by taking them and using them for your own purposes.

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