Monday, February 27, 2012

Fat Between the Ears: A Major Cause of Childhood Obesity!

I was sent the following email from my website email address.

 "I came by your site today and wanted to make sure I had a working email for you. I also work for a blog,, and based on some of your posts, I thought you might like to stop by! Today, we’ve just released an infographic on the impact McDonald’s is having on children’s nutrition, and what’s being done to make the Happy Meal a healthy meal."

"Since childhood obesity has more than tripled since 1979, it’s clear why Happy Meals are coming under fire.  Do you think the move to offer fruit instead of fries is going far enough? I’d love it if you’d come by our site to weigh in, and feel free to share the graphic with your readers if they would find it interesting as well."

Is it clear?  Is it really???? 

 What the lawyers would have you believe..

Kid + McDonald's= Obese kid 

 The real formulas that where lost from ages ago...

Kid + McDonald's + Bicycle riding = Skinny kid

Kid+ Constant Video Games= Obese Kid

Kid + McDonald's + Involved Parents + Playing Outdoors= Skinny kid

Kid + McDonald's + NON Active Parents + Activity Outdoors= Skinny kid

Kid + Eating Cooked Dinner at Home+ School Sports Program= Skinny kid 

Kid + Mom or Dad slices up Fruit= Skinny Kid

Kid+ Less Soda+ Active= Skinny kid 

There are really lots of complex formulas. Above are but a few....

Sometimes genetics does play a heavy factor with some people, however I do not believe that is what we are talking about here, so I have kept my comments in line with the original blog. 

 My Comment Response....

This blog actually says the EXACT OPPOSITE of what I believe. 

Which is, perhaps parents should take some responsibility for what their kids eat and do..... 

McDonald's wasn't much better for you in my day.  They still had hamburgers, french fries,  and fountain soda, but they just didn't call it a "happy meal"

In fact, on the rare occasion we went there, that is what I ate.

It isn't that I didn't want to go there more often, it is just that my mom wouldn't let me....

Often times a Big Mac, and large fry.  Maybe in my early teens, I would order a 20 piece Chicken Nuggets, with a hot fudge Sunday for desert, washed down with a large Root Beer. 


Of course after, I did go outside and ride my bike.

Even though we had McDonald's I didn't get to go there that often.

 My mom cooked me lunch.  I ate most of my meals at home.  Either my mom would make me something, or I ate whatever was in the fridge.

 I lot of the time, lunch was either a Grilled Cheese Sandwich, or a nice Steak Um, yet some how, miraculously, I wasn't obese, and most of the kids I knew weren't.

I also didn't sit around playing video games.  I went outside and rode my bicycle, climbed trees, and all sorts of other activities.
Every once in a while, my friends mom would tell him he was "watching too much TV, and needed to go outside".....

Try this with your kids. I bet it is just as effective of weight control as in my day!

Of course, not just kids are obese.

So are their adult parents....

How about trying to go outside with your kids?

Go  for a walk with them....  Ride bikes as a family....

Stop blaming someone else for all of yours, and your children's problems, and take responsibility.

Leave McDonald's alone!

On the rare occasion I go there, I don't want to have to order some "McFruity nuggets"....
Here is another idea and I must warn you, it is RADICAL, and  REVOLUTIONARY!!!

1. Buy some fruit at the store

2. Slice it up

3. Give it to your kids...

4. After doing so, don't take your kids to McDonald's....

Or do you think this is some complex procedure that only a business like McDonald's can manage?

Here is proof that the "active kid diet and exercise routine" works....

Try typing "obese kid riding a bike" into Google images.

Are you finding anything? 

I didn't either..... 

No pictures of obese kids riding bicycles? 

I find that strange, don't you?

Now, let's switch it up and try a different phrasing...

After all, search engines can be wacky things!

Just to switch it up, try "fat kid riding bicycle"

Still nothing eh? 

I don't see a single one of those portly kids riding a bike. Do you?
Now type in "kid riding a bike" into Google images..

You find Tons of pictures of skinny kids riding bicycles.  Kid after kid, after kid, after kid.....

Damn!  Lots of skinny kids riding bicycles here....

Why do you think that is????

Which do you think came first?

A. The skinny kid

B. The bicycle riding....

Or were they simultaneous??? 

I haven't done any scientific studies, but I bet these two activities are some how intrinsically linked...

Is this the opinion you wanted? Or did you just want people to comment who agree with your side of things?

Below is the original blog to which I was asked to respond.

Stop whining, and get riding...

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