Friday, March 23, 2012

Hello My Dearest....

I get junk mail solicitations all the time.  You can always tell when it is this type of email.  It usually starts out, "Hello my dearest.  I saw your profile on Pbase, and would like the chances to get to know you better..."

They usually say that "love is all that matters, and looks mean nothing"

I have to say, that would turn most single guys off.

When they say that, guys are thinking, that is because the sender is ugly.

Now I usually just delete these, as they are always the same, but I told my wife, that these young "women", if they are in fact women, would get more emails back, if they just sent an initial picture in the first email.

I have to say, that I am liking the new style I got just this morning.  If women want to start sending me pics of themselves, I would be happy to receive pics of women in form fitting dresses and such.

Now this particular "woman", if it is not in fact a guy sending pics pretending to be a woman, said that I should send a reply back, so she could "send me pics of her"

I can only imagine what kind of pics, she would send me, and as a guy, I am tempted to send a reply, so see the pics.

Of course I won't, but something primal wants me to see the pics.

However, this one says she "loves me"

I am going to post this pic to show you guys, but I have hidden her face(which is also pretty, in case you are wondering), and email, just in case it REALLY is JUST for me.  I think I should respect her privacy.....

I have to say, whether I intend to follow up on this, WHICH I DON"T.  I do like the current format, and am hoping for a new trend in junk mail..

I can always use more pics of women I don't know to look at....

Keep it coming ladies....

Mark :)

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