Monday, July 22, 2013

Finally, I've made it.....

After years and years, I have finally made the big time!

I feel like I have reached a major milestone in my life that surpasses each and every accomplishment I have made up until now.....

Better than when I got my degree...

Better than when I got my first real job...

Better than when I started my own business...

Faster than as speeding bullet...(I am getting carried away)

I will gladly tell you, my coworkers, my wife, anyone on Facebook, and anyone else I can stop on the street about my greatest achievement!

I made a "Top Reviewer" rank of 977 on Amazon. 

That means out of all the people who write reviews on, my reviews are ranked at the top of the pile.

The top of the, heap...

What is it?

 My rank is 977 out of what, 1 billion you think? 

Maybe out of one trillion to be fair...

I just have no idea how many people write reviews there, but my friend showed me his rating of 1.84 million.

He reasoned since his ranking had went from 1.94 million down to 1.84 million in only a month, a climb of 100,000 up the Amazon reviewer charts beats out a change of a measly 223 any day...

How did you get that?

Finally, the years of buying stuff on Amazon I couldn't really afford, didn't really need, had no real use for, but yet still wanted right then and there, have finally paid off!

Jill's a lucky girl!

I can literally say that I am that rare one in one thousand and twenty three...

1000000/ divided by my score(977)

Not quite "one in a million", but one 1/1023.5 isn't bad!

Not many women can tell their friends they have a husband that is literally one in a thousand!

"Don't you mean one in a million, Jill"

"No, I mean one in a thousand, it's been verified" :)

Other women might try to say some sort of bogus crap, but for Jill, my rank is verified, and documented....

Go back a day in your mind.

Originally, When I told my wife about my ranking on Amazon, she asked what I had to do to make my rank even better?

I mumbled under my breath "buy more crap.."

Jill, "what did you say, I didn't quite hear that?"

Mark, "nothing dear, I love you!"

Mark :)

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