Friday, August 23, 2013

A world filled with small holes

You probably are unaware of the fact that your entire world is filled with holes of the wrong size.

There are literally millions upon millions of little holes just begging to be reamed out to a proper diameter...


Who needs a small hole in something, when a hole twice as large, can be almost as useful?

You might be unaware of one of my favorite tools.....  

The Unibit step drill!

Pictures of Joy

The unibit, step drill is the gentlemans tool for enlarging holes drilled into metal.

I love unibits.  I keep one of my cherished hole reamers neatly in my top desk drawer at work, so that anytime I am feeling a little blue, I can just open up the drawer and look onto a world of pure destructive joy.

At work, I am known to always be ready to ream out a hole in some steel structure with my trusty Unibit!

People always know I have been to a place by the presence of overly large gaping holes in random places.... 

They are everywhere, announcing proudly that Mark has been here!

It is almost like a trail of coyote scat, to tracker!    Clear evidence of the presence of Mark in the immediate vicinity


Finally, I was able to find the dopamine delivery assistance device on Amazon for home use...  Now my life is complete!

Of course, I am not sure Jill is going to appreciate me going around the house at random and making any small hole I see as large as it is capable of, but we'll manage!

See the rest of the pictures I took specifically for this are below here....
The Metallurgic Maniac

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