Sunday, April 3, 2011

....and now it's time for another episode of In-Laws in space!!!!!!

We join our space travelers midway through their journey.

Let's listen in, and see how our two active, and vibrant space travelers are doing on their journey....... 

Join in next week, as our active duo finish their long voyage to Alpha Centauri,
on board the U.S.S Jonathan's Idea, with it's powerful Jitterbug Hyperdrive engine. 

Jitterbug Hyperdrive is manufactured by, and is a registered trademark of AARP

...and remember; for reliable, easy to use, easy to program faster than light spaceship engines that have large easy to read control buttons, the right choice is always Jitterbug Hyperdrive!



  1. hanks for looking Tony! I appreciate it! I was pretending to take a picture of my mother-inlaw with my cell phone, and my brother in-law, said "watch out, now he's going to have you in a spaceship" So that gave me the idea for this one.