Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What every guy is thinking while looking at his wifes athletic clothing catalog....

My wife gets these athletic women's clothing catalogs in the mail, and here's the thing....

While I don't do yoga, don't need athletic clothing, and wouldn't wear women's clothes, I like to read them also.

The catalogs show these strong, healthy, flexible women, in these cool yoga poses, that take great skill.

An impressive feat of athleticism, and sensual strength, in a well photographed and put together advertisement.

Impressive for sure, but the only thing I, and I bet most men can think is how we can fit into that pose, with that nice looking woman.

So, below is every guys fantasy while looking at a women's athletic clothing catalog....

Beautiful advertisement made sinister by us dullard men!

Men are such heels!

See, we have these tiny 'man' brains, that are apparently only designed to think about two things primarily...

One of those things is food...


  1. I don't think about anything when I look at the women's underwear section of a Kays catalogue. I'm too busy wanking.

  2. Women should watch out with the kinds of catalogs they let into the house. Guys can turn anything sinister. People Magazine, Oh you know it!

    National Geographic, oh yeah!

    JC Penny's catalog, never better!

    Farmers Almanac.....

  3. dbs, new shoes. What does Newsweek mean?