Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Sexy Gift for her that just keeps on giving....

Have you seen the pajama gram advertisements in the back of magazines?

It usually says something along the lines of, "spoil her....", and features a sexy young woman in comfortable, yet sexy pajamas.

The add seems to say, to paraphrase, "make her comfortable, and she'll bone you!"

The add is targeted toward the man I believe, and is supposed to elicit a thoughtful response of , "well, if I send her a pajama gram, she'll think it's really sweet that I thought of, and surprised her, and she'll pay me back by doing all of those things she currently refuses to do in bed..."

...and the following add in the back of Backpacker Magazine, seems it would elicit just that response from thoughtful husbands, who want to do something "special' for their wives...

Oh yeah, you know what your going to get man!

The following add misses the mark a little I think.......  

Perhaps the add should say, "remind your wife of your kids right before she gets into bed with you for the night, and the first thing in the morning, when she gets up to brush her teeth, cause she's not a woman anymore, she's a mom!"


I believe it is still targeted toward the husband with a very attractive, and full breasted woman in the add, but  I think it might have the opposite impact for the man that he thinks..

Here's a possible tip guys..

Nothing makes a woman feel more sexy, and want to do those nasty, naughty things to you in bed,  than a big shirt that says "Super Mom" right on the front!

Perhaps then, you can get her some "Mom Jeans" like in the Saturday Night Live, Faux-mercial...


  1. Excellent post. Does a Pyjama gram mean that a moderately attractive woman will turn up on my birthday in pyjamas and proceed to throw a basket ball around?

  2. Thanks Tony! Thanks for reading!