Tuesday, April 5, 2011

...and now it's time for our next exciting episode of IN-LAWS IN SPACE!!!!!!

We join our two active, vibrant, and wise space travelers as they come to the end of their journey to their destination.  The Intergalactic Pinochle Championships at Alpha Centauri.

Once again, let's join the action and see how our two cheery travelers are making out....

For intergalactic travel, choose Garmin GPS.  In-laws state that a good GPS cuts down on in travel arguments up to 60%, while increasing journey pleasantness, but up to 2%!


Join in later, for another exciting episode of,IN-LAWS IN SPACE!!!!!


  1. Yeah, but reading space maps is more fun.

  2. Yes, but then there is the frustration of arguing at your wife, because she "can't read a map properly" At least with a GPS, you can't argue with it, of if you do, both travelers team up on it, and then have a conversation about how stupid the GPS is, or whomever programmed it. Driving with a GPS, is like playing a game of Simon Says.. "Simon Says, turn left in 500 feet..." Jill and I thought that is would be cool to have a GPS yell at you, if you miss a turn. "I said turn left damn it!!!" In a computerized voice.

  3. We are thinking of having you committed.

  4. Oh, but think of the fun you would miss! Your lives would be so boring!!!