Friday, April 1, 2011

Artful Politicians.....

Here is a video of White House press secretary Jay Carney giving a press conference.  Poor little Jay does the best he can to put forth, and roll along president Obama's policies.

Jay looks good in brown I think!

Perhaps a song needs to be composed in the tune of, the ant and the rubber tree plant.   Except we will replace rubber tree plant, with "ball of dung".

<insert music>"Cause he's got highhhh hopes, he's got highhh hopes, he's got, apple pie in the sky hopes...."

(chorus sings..) "high hopes, he's got high hopes"

"just what makes that little old bug think he'll move that big ball of dung!?"

(chorus sings) "big ball of dung!!"

If you have musical talent, feel free to work on it!


  1. Where was that dung beetle? It looked like a car park.

  2. Tony, thanks for looking! I am not sure where the dung beetle is. I posted a credit to the original youtuber at the end of the video, so if you want to ask her, she might be able to tell you. I assume it was somewhere in Africa. There are tons of videos of Dung Beetles on youtube. I don't think we have them in these parts, but I could be wrong. They perform a vital function though. How many bugs do you know that are in Waste Management? Let's hear it for a friends, the Dung Beetles!

  3. Oh my God, I almost feel sorry for the lil guy. The press secretary, not the beetle. The beetle is clearly a badass.

  4. Yay, go dung beetles. It's a shit job.